"In life, hidden in the forces that pull us down, is the energy to lift us up!"

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Christopher Harrison, world class athlete and Tony Award® winning choreographer, founded the internationally renowned performance company AntiGravity® in 1991.

In 1999 he developed the "Harrison Hammock," the first aerial silk apparatus with a double rigging point configuration to assist the performers with stretching, decompression, and recovery.

After eight years of experiments and testing for safety, the Harrison Hammock was lowered to the height seen in AntiGravity® fitness classes around the world today (measured to each student individually, approximately at hip level).  Now everyone, regardless of age or athletic experience, can benefit from zero compression inversions and a multitude of other movements and postures.

The Benefits

AntiGravity® Fitness and Yoga is more than just aerial arts, it is a philosophy of mind, body, and spirit that will leave you with long-lasting (and sometimes life-changing!) positive effects.

A handful of benefits to be enjoyed:

* Postural inversions without neck or back compression, relieving pressure while aligning the vertebrae 

* Low impact cardio-vascular conditioning

* Core strengthening and lengthening

* Increased muscular strength & flexibility

* Fine-tuning of balance & kinesthetic awareness, improvement of proprioception

* Refreshed lymphatic, digestive & circulatory systems

* Release of “happy hormones” i.e. endorphins serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine

Christopher Harrison’s Personal Guarantee:
“If you can ‘suspend your disbelief’, I guarantee that I can make you healthier, happier and taller, in just one session.”

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At Raven Fitness your safety is our very first concern. AntiGravity® techniques have a long history of clear instruction and safe progressions. It is of the utmost importance that the instructors cues and demonstrations are carefully observed. Before participating in our classes, you will be required to sign a waiver.

Some health considerations should be made before you start your practice. You may still take class, but please check with your doctor before doing INVERSIONS if any of the main contraindications apply to you:

* Pregnancy

* Glaucoma

* Recent Surgery (esp. shoulder, eyes, back, hips, hand, wrist)

* Very high or very low blood pressure

* Botox (within 6 hours of inverting)

Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and monitor their own resistance. Remember, we are here to do our best – no better, no less.


Before bringing AntiGravity Fitness Techniques to the public, I spent eight years in development. I am a Broadway Aerial Choreographer with my own rigging company “Aerials by AntiGravity®” whose safety record is impeccable. We created training standards for aerials on stage for Actors Equity Association and assisted O.S.H.A. on developing safety protocol for live aerial performance. We are hired to fly celebrities from Mariah Carey to Richard Branson to Nathan Lane.  Since launching AntiGravity Yoga in 2007, we have continued to create more suspension fitness programs and to refine and nuance every move and sequence to assure safety in both teaching and execution. AntiGravity techniques have been approved by AFAA, ACE, CYQ & Yoga Alliance. Your safety is my very first consideration.  Christopher Harrison